Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lucy's first foods!

Little Lady Lucy tried her first cereal!  She's been eyeing our food with a lot of interest when we eat, watching it go from plate to mouth.  She stops what she's doing whenever she sees me eat and sometimes she'll even start smacking her lips.  Our pediatrician gave us the "okay" to start her on solids at our discretion. She's tried watermelon and tasted (licked) my apple.  

A couple of nights before we tried cooked carrots and they were a definite no-go!  

So last night we tried rice cereal with a bit of breastmilk and she didn't hate it. I think, in fact, that she rather enjoyed it!  She's got a way to go before she gets the whole chew and swallow down, but she didn't cry and seemed to enjoy the taste of the cereal, even though it mostly ended up down her front rather than down her throat. 

After all this excitement it was time for a bath!  This girl is a water baby if ever there was one! She is fearless around water and incredibly curious!  She's discovered splashing and got daddy completely soaked outside the tub.  She also stuck her face in the water and blew bubbles -- all before mommy could stop her - ha! She came up laughing. 

Tonight we tried cereal again (a bit thicker this time) and she was definitely opening her mouth to it and managed to get a bit more down. We're on our way!!

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