Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Montana in May!

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed out to visit Isaac's parents in the happenin' town of Paradise, Montana, which is right next to the even bigger town of Plains, MT.  Never heard of them?  Then
 you're missing out!  I packed Miss Lucy up, picked Isaac up at his office, and headed east!  

We spent a great weekend letting Lucy bond with Gramps and Grams, hiking, climbing, hanging out with camp staff, watching crazy kayaking, and all kinds of good stuff! 

It was such a blessing for me to spend such time with my in-laws and really get to know them a bit better. This was our second trip to Montana as a couple, and Lucy's first trip.  She was a trooper, I have to say!  She handled being in the car for long stretches on the way over and hardly fussed, and, in fact, was really quite happy until bedtime came and she was still strapped in with the sun in her eyes... She finally conked out outside of Coeur d'Alene when it got dark and slept all the way up the crazy driveway to the house.  

On the way back it was a bit harder, but who can blame a girl for crying after sitting in stop and go (more stop than go) for a couple of hours? We all wanted to fall apart... As soon as we got underway again, though, she was out like a light!  

And now with no further ado, here's some photos: 

Aaaand we're on our way! 

It's like she knows what she's doing! 

This girl loves her daddy! She lights up when he walks into the room! 

Ah, Ritzville -- you'll always hold awkward memories of being stranded, engaged, and in a double bed for a very, very long night of not sleeping and trying to pretend we weren't in the same bed. 

Roadtrip in-car diaper change: success!

Isaac and I hiked the Cascade Falls Trail. 

Sr. Portrait anyone? 

He climbed a sheer mountain face to bring me a flower... He's just that kind of guy! 

One of the coolest trees! 

Lucy tried to help Grams with her gardening.

These gals really bonded during our stay. :) 

Sometimes snaps get the better of tired daddies...

Hummingbird magic! They have surprising amounts of personality! 

This girl wants to be grown already! 

Then we hiked (climbed!) to the cross! 

Mom, why doesn't daddy have any built in padding? 

He lead the way across the scariest rock bridge ever! 

We made it and were rewarded with some beautiful views: 

I was terrified, but I made it over and back! 

Back on level ground, safe and sound!  We love our little Lucy Magoosey!

See that teeeeeeny tiny cross up there? That's where we were! 

Montana is so scenic. I want to live right there! 

We visited the original Plains JAIL! 

Lucy and Gramps have a special bond! 

Then we went to watch a white water kayak slalom race! 

We're awesome: 

I love this man! 

Baby yawns are the cutest! 

Caught in the act: Feeding the babes

These guys! 

Cheeks McPhee!

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