Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! It was ridiculously summer-like today, so we had to get out for a nice walk in the sunshine.  It seemed like a shame to only make the usual route through our neighborhood -- it's just a bit too short for such a glorious day.  I packed a lunch, we donned some sunglasses and we were off!

We walked the Cedar River Trail in downtown Renton since it's so close by (and it's beautiful!).

This was Lucy's first trip in just her stroller (thanks, GG Nancy! I think that every time I pull out this beautiful stroller!) and clearly she was ready to get the show on the road!

I stopped to take a picture of this duck and what do you know but she's a (very busy!) mama! 

So many ducklings! 

Love these little toes peaking out and soaking up some needed vitamin D!

Cool baby! 

Thanks for the flip flops, Nana!  They're ridiculous and we love them! 

What's this green stuff, mom? 

Hmm... think I need to investigate further... 


She'll do anything to get to her toes! 

Ooh, grass on my footsie tootsies! 

She loves her swaddles from cousin Morgan! 

We love having such a beautifully diverse trail nearby! 

We stopped for lunch along the way. 

This is what happens when nap time and recreation time coincide...

Note to self: when planning to sit on grass, bring blanket for mom, too.  

Katie + grass = HIVES 

Sooo itchy, but so worth it! 

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