Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lucy is 5 months old!

Lucy is 5 months old today, and truly, though the days inch by, the weeks and months do fly!  She's sitting up with help, and her favorite activity is to stand up while we hold her middle.  She reaches for what she wants and is getting good at getting it into her mouth. She can even get her paci into her mouth -- most of the time!

She loves that baby in the mirror...  I've definitely found her with both hands on the mirror (it normally hangs from her activity gym) cooing at herself!

Crawling? Tell me more, mama...I'm listening! 

This girl has such personality! 

FIRST FOOD: WATERMELON!  She loved it! No bites, but she gummed and licked it for quite a while! She's definitely daddy's girl! 

 She's tried solids, but hasn't done more than sample the flavor -- no bites yet -- but we'll get more intentional about it later this month.

Her subtle way of showing me she's done nursing for now: 

It takes skill to get spit up on her forehead!

She can sit on mama's hip while we do chores, which is exciting and super helpful.  She snuggles right in and enjoys watching me work and being close to me.  

She talks and growls and sings.  She wakes up sweet in the early morning and growls, chats, and giggles when we bring her into bed to try to get a few more minutes of rest.   

Look who's entirely TOO BIG! Standing in her borrowed exersaucer. 

She's working hard on getting some teeth and chews on anything she can fit inside her mouth.  Her favorite chew toys are her fingers or thumb and the rings on her activity gym that hold her toys.

A video of Lucy giggling (daddy thinks I wasn't doing a good job of getting her ready for bed...but how can I resist these sweet chuckles?)

5 month video(s):

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