Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lucy at 4.5 months

This girl is busy! Every day (it seems) brings advancements in her coordination, and I see her interest in her toys lengthening.  She snuggles more now if you time it just right.  She's sitting up really well (with support) and will stand up for long periods of time if we keep her balanced!

She's also trying out new voices and sounds daily. I finally caught her in the act of trying out a brand new sound, check it out:

Now I just need to capture her latest amusement: hitting herself on the legs/diaper over and over and over again. It's hilarious! She will do it with a toy or just with her hand - taking her hand/toy all the way up over her head and then down onto her legs - poundin' it out!  My favorite is when she gets BOTH arms going. :)

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