Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Papa Lee is Status 1A!!!

Papa Lee just got back from the heart cath procedure, which was uncomfortable (read: brutal!) and long.  The doctor performed the right heart cath and we just heard that the pressures and output (blood being pumped out) were very low.  He had a Swan inserted into his right heart cavity to measure the readings of his pressures.  

His PICC line (which once again migrated up to his jugular) has been pulled back 20 cm so that it's no longer up in his neck. It's now a "deep peripheral line" and is delivering Milrinone and Dobutamine (both are inotropes -- they increase the muscle contractions of the muscle -- in this case the heart). 

Papa Lee is now listed as 1A, and will remain in the hospital on this status so long as he is receiving dual inotropes.  (Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer! He's now on the highest priority list!!)  They will be monitoring his pressures and cardiac output every four hours (he has a bunch of lines and electrodes connected to him) for at least the next 24 hours.  

And now a great Papa Lee anecdote: The hospital has put him in a bed that is designed to prevent bedsores.  The mattress will alternately inflate and deflate, controlled by a small compressor.  He found it really annoying and couldn't sleep because of it, despite a double dose of Benedryl.  He got some much needed rest and woke up around midnight.  Papa Lee asked the nurses and PCAs how to adjust it or turn it off, but no one knew, but they finally dug out a manual and gave it to him.  Picture this:  Papa Lee sitting cross-legged on the floor, reading the manual and pushing buttons on the electronic control.  He finally figured it out and promised them a class in the morning.  

Papa Lee has undergone a bunch of procedures and is trying to rest now.  Mom Peg is going to stay for a while and see that he's settled before heading to her best friend's house in the area to spend the night before heading home to Buckeye.  

Papa Lee, the human pin cushion! He's in good spirits and resting as best he can between doctors and nurses coming in and out, checking his vitals. 

If you're looking for the backstory or previous updates, please see my mom's blog:

- For a heart to come soon and that Papa would get the needed rest and strength he needs
- For both to have continued peace beyond comprehension (the kind that ONLY comes from God) through this 
- For the donor family to find peace through the gift of their loved one's heart
 - That Papa will honor the donor in living an upright life glorifying God, and that the heart will come soon.

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