Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7 months!

Where did the time go? My sweet baby is seven months old and on the verge of crawling.  It’s true what they say: the hours drag by, but the weeks, they do fly! 

Wearing an heirloom bonnet (wish I'd gotten a picture sooner...it's already kind of small!)
Wearing a dress handmade for her Nana over 60 years ago!
Lucy can now sit up completely unassisted and she can do a controlled roll onto her belly.  She wants to crawl so badly and is putting all of her energy toward achieving that end.  This little girl has Tenacity with a capital “T”!  She spends most of her time these days on her tummy, pushing herself up and down on her arms.  She hasn’t yet put her knees under her, at least not at the same time as her arms, but she’s working on it.  

Generally she's a pretty happy (and busy!) baby
Our favorite two Lucy antics of the moment: the head bob and the foot clap!  She gets up on her arms, locks her elbows, and bobs her head up and down with vigor.  She will also head bob when she’s sitting -- so much so that she’s thrown herself over a time or two in her enthusiasm.  Lucy remains incredibly flexible.  She can still reach her feet into her mouth or up over her head. Our favorite demonstration of her flexibility is this: she “claps” her feet together.  She can (and does) line up the soles of her feet perfectly and claps them together with her hands -- or sometimes, even more impressively, she does it while lying on her back with a toy in her hands.  I have yet to get a video of this, but I dearly hope to before she transitions from this phase.  

Hipster baby
She’s trying more solids and while she initially rejects most foods put into her mouth, after a few bites she’ll lean forward and strain to get bites into her mouth as quickly as she can gum and swallow.  

Tell-tale signs of teething include chewing on any available service! 
Experiencing sand for the first time with Uncle Seth!
Lucy can now roll quickly and can efficiently make it across the room (and into trouble) in the time it takes me to walk into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I’ve walked into the room to find her happily wrapped up in my laptop cord, chewing on the end.  She’s already given me a couple of minor panic attacks!  She keeps us on our toes for sure! 

Lucy at Ocean Shores
This hat used to be so big on her -- now it barely fits (hence hipster babe)
This video was taken one day before her 7 month birthday since it's much cuter than anything I could have recorded on the day itself! :) 

Post note on video: Yes, she was just fine! She was actually smiling and laughing (see below) right up until I had to get the sand off her face... I dubbed that process "baby water-boarding" because we had to pour water over her face since wiping it off would have rubbed her skin raw. Needless to say she was not a fan of this process, but once it was over and she'd had a little consolation nursing she was juuuust fine! 

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