Saturday, July 5, 2014

Baby's First 4th of July!

I couldn't have said it better myself!  We had a low-key 4th of July this year.  We spent the day together as a family at home.  I couldn't totally ignore the holiday, though.  I had to record Lucy's first Independence Day for posterity purposes.  I realized too late that I had no outfit or anything red for her to wear -- so much for red, white and blue.  Not to be deterred, I started to formulate a plan... Blue diaper -- nope, suddenly she's not smelling so sweet -- okay, white diaper, blue and red blocks, white blanket's coming together... Oh, Presidential Pez, of course!  And finally the flag that I saved from Seth's homecoming (when we drove down and surprised him -- such a great day -- still makes me tear up). 

America's cutest little sweetheart! 
Then Isaac asked me if he could cook for me...  The answer to that question is always "yes...YES, PLEASE!"  So in honor of our freedom he made us the national dish of Spain.  I think he's trying to turn us into foodies -- and it's working!  It was beautiful and delicious (except the mussels...can't say I enjoyed those, but I tried...)

And quail eggs for a side -- just cause Isaac wanted to try them.  I love this guy! 

And then it got dark and the fireworks started...  Fireworks are supposed to be banned in Renton city limits...  Apparently no one cared last night.  We heard plenty of sirens, so perhaps there were police out there enforcing, but we noted no decrease in the amount of popping, booming, crackling, and the veritable war zone outside our apartment.  And in all of this I saw not one firework in the sky. Lame!  Thankfully, I can fall asleep under most any situation, so I got plenty of sleep, but poor Isaac -- I doubt he slept until well into the wee small hours! 

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