Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10 months

Happy 10 months, baby girl! 
My baby is 10 months old!  How is that possible?  She's signing, walking around the coffee table, saying "mama" and "dada", but still no teeth.  I guess in some ways she's still my sweet infant.  I just wish there was a way to bottle up just a sliver of her sweet innocence (and mischief) as she plays! There are not words enough to express my love for her and her budding independence, curiosity, and drive -- even when it means short naps (or no naps!), testing boundaries, and discipline -- for her and me!  **As I dash off to pull her back from the fireplace!**

Lucy finally has enough hair to wear a clip

My little girl is more and more independent as each day goes by.  She enjoys playing with books (mostly just pulling them off the shelf and beating on them or gumming them), her ukelele, and taking each and every toy out of her bin and then playing with the bin itself.

Her daily routine: independent play at the bookcase
We can get a good 20 minutes out of these blocks at a time! She loves them, Nana!
Wearing a cute outfit all the way from Japan from Aunt Patty and Uncle Bob
This month has brought with it lots of teething, and I feel certain that there will be some pearly whites making their appearance sooner than later.

My sweet ham poses herself!

Lucy is eating like a champ these days, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days, in addition to nursing.  She loves to eat what we're eating, and so far has a great palate.  Read: she's less picky than Isaac or I am. She doesn't love avocado.  That's about the only food (other than purees) that she flatly refuses to eat.  We're holding off on dairy for the time being since it seems to be giving her hives.

"Studying" daddy's Greek flashcards

There are no words for how much I love her! 

I'm not sure how it's possible, but I love HIM even more! 

She's going to be a reader! 

Baby in a box! 

A party dress is the perfect attire for wreaking havoc and destruction
Apples -- mmmm! 
Every girl needs some naked book time! 
I just love to watch her sleep!

And one more video because it just makes me laugh every time I see it: Lucy and the head scratcher:

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