Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cousin Love!

We love spontaneous (and planned) cousin visits!  

The kids stopped by the other morning to do school while their mom went to Physical Therapy.  All in all, they did really well at staying focused, despite this little distraction trying her best to make them play with her: 

These two are a month apart and it's so fun to see them growing up together!  It's hard to believe looking at them that Lucy is the older of the two. She's definitely the more dainty! 

My best friend growing up with our babies!  Best buds: the third generation (our moms are super close)

Lucy likes to leave her giraffe in the most unusual and precarious places! 

Rachel, Lael, and London even had an adventure with us in Ikea.  I'm nearly as attached to Lucy's giraffe as she is, so imagine my heartbreak when we lost it in Ikea.  We searched the area twice, then headed for the front to check out.  Our last hope was that someone had turned it in to a sales associate.  We found a very sweet, helpful employee who immediately got on her walkie-talkie.  Turns out someone HAD spotted it and left it in the department for us to find (must have been AFTER our two trips through).  I nearly cried of happiness!

Playing together at Ikea (in the ah-mazing returns section)

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