Monday, October 20, 2014


I've officially reached a new low in cloth diapering: poop in the washer.  Now this is not the little bit of poop smeared onto the diaper that's left after a thorough rinse.  This was a beans and tomato bits poo.  POOP. IN. THE. WASHER. Folks!  I was dying.  I was mortified! I was trying to keep my lunch down.

I've lost some of you readers now for life, I just know it.  Yes, the near-worst has happened.  "NEAR-WORST?!", you exclaim.  Yes, my few readers: NEAR-worst.  I was fortunate enough to discover the mishap before moving anything to the dryer.  Before putting anything back on my child's cute little tushie.

So much gagging and wiping and bleaching (soooo much bleaching) and hand washing later, I am happy to report my washer is poop-free.  My diapers are being stripped (read: really, really, really thoroughly cleaned).  And all will be well in our little world soon enough. 

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I suspect the blame lies on me... I have a bad feeling that I forgot to rinse a diaper that was soiled while we were out and about.  That's a mistake that will NOT be made twice. (Lord, PLEASE help my baby-brain and do not let me make this mistake again. Amen!)

And where was Lucy during this time, you may well ask?  She was taking full advantage of my distracted (distraught!) state and climbing into the cupboard under the sink, which reminds me: we need to baby-proof it and/or get rid of the few remaining toxic cleaners.  

Just another glamorous day in the life of this mama... And I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world! 

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