Friday, February 6, 2015

Montana in the Near-Spring

We made a whirlwind trip to Montana to see my mother-in-law in early February.  Isaac had several properties to visit in Spokane for work, so we decided to make a weekend of it.  We left early and got his work accomplished, then a couple more hours in the car and we were in Montana!

It really wasn't anywhere near spring (title) when we arrived in Montana, but the weather was decidedly spring-like.  It was perfect, really!  After a long day in the car we unloaded Lucy and let her explore the great outdoors.  My in-laws have the most beautiful lawn.  I am a sucker for a nice, big, grassy lawn, and I hope Lucy will be, too.  She sure loved crawling around, exploring, and playing with daddy, especially after being buckled down all day.

On our way: 
She was really excited about her first McDonald's hash brown! 
McDonald's Playplace to burn off some energy while daddy worked


This pretty well sums up her feelings
at being released from the carseat!

Lucy loved hanging out at Gram's house: 

She learned how to climb onto the bench

Yogurt to match her jammies! 

Lucy's favorite place to play in the whole house? The kitchen -- in the drawer, of course!

Mommy, don't take my picture! I just want alone time! 
After she realized she wasn't getting in trouble...

Lucy loves Grams! 

Do you like my hat? 

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