Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy birthday, Gideon!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Gideon Lonnie! You sure know how to throw a shindig!  We had a great time.  We love you lots! 

Excited to catch up to the big kids! 

Croquet Master

When did he get so lean and lanky? Where'd my chubby nephew go? 

A righty teaching a lefty.  I could have stepped in, I suppose, but it was more fun to watch and laugh.

Gideon requested hot dogs and juice boxes and they were enjoyed by all!

He asked for, and received, three hot dogs.  About the time he asked for a fourth we realized
he'd only sampled the first three (and 2 buns)...  

This almost 4 year old guy! 

Aunt Xan brought the coolest gift: a parachute!  I didn't know you could buy these -- I've only ever experienced them at school...  Who knew? SO COOL! The kids all got in on the action and had a blast! 

Cue baby's first fat lip in 3--2--Crash!  Poor Caleb felt badly, but as you can see here it was a COMPLETE accident!

Poor baby! She had a huge upper lip by the end of the night.
 Time for CAKE!

And back outside to the "park" aka the Arnolds' ah-mazing backyard!

Gwenna's love of Sarah is second only to her love of Ava, and that's saying something! 


BUBBLES!  Nice job, Coury family: the bubbles were also a huge hit with all the kids!

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