Friday, March 13, 2015

My Auntie

I love all my aunties (and great aunties) -- and I have plenty.  But Auntie Lorna holds a special place in my heart as my second mom.  If I ever needed a mom-like-thing, but needed an "outside" opinion, I could go to her.  I look like her.  In fact, I often got mistaken for her daughter when I was younger and we were out together.  I grew up at her house, just as my cousins grew up at our house.

I love her so, so, SO much!  She is an example and an inspiration to me.  She chooses joy (her life motto), and it's been a choice that has often been hard to make, but she makes it.  She taught me that choosing joy means praising the Lord while washing dishes, while loving your kids and your husband, by loving Jesus in everything, with everything.  She's fun and creative and introduces me to fun new foods and wines.  

What more can I say? She's just lovely!  My auntie-mom.  So, naturally she loves my baby, and Lucy has taken right to her as well!  I cannot wait for Lucy to get to know her and love her as I do, and to love her Auntie Sarah as her very own auntie-mom! 

Enjoying a rare Lucy snuggle: these are reserved for only her most favorite people:

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