Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baby steps!

We have a walker!  Lucy still alternates between walking and crawling, but more and more she's choosing walking -- at least when the terrain is flat!

On February 3rd Lucy took multiple steps!  She stood up by herself and then took 3 steps!  She's transitioned from holding onto furniture and taking a step or two to standing up on her own so slowly it's hard to pinpoint exactly when she took her "first steps", but these were among the first multiple steps she took.  She was 13.5 months.

The turning point really came when Nana bought her a little push cart.  She loves to stop and fill it with her treasures and then push it around.  Within a few days she'd figured out how to turn it around when she reached a wall (critical since we live in a very small space). A month later and she still loves her cart and takes it all through the house (yes, I've found it parked in both the kitchen and the bathroom).


At 14.5 months she's 50/50 on walking and crawling, and loves to hold a hand and trot around the house or the store! She thinks she's hot stuff walking through the aisles!
Confidently toddling around home.
Walking with daddy on uneven terrain

So excited to "run" after the big kids at the park -- er, the Arnolds' backyard! 
Her first day pushing the cart.  This served as a great helper for getting her to walk.  It gave her confidence and showed her the advantage of walking around the condo.  She can (and does) also use it as a mobile seat and a treasure chest.

Lucy is a master at pushing her cart around, turning corners, and collecting treasures! She fills and empties it many times a day!

GG Nancy got her a popper for Christmas, and Lucy is finally able to push it around by herself.  She loves it!

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