Saturday, April 25, 2015

Arizona in the Spring!

This spring I got the chance to travel to Arizona to see my mom and brother.  Nana was missing her grand baby (well, she was missing all of them, but Lucy isn't old enough to remember, so she needs more visits!), so she flew us down to stay with her.  I was nervous about taking a three and a half hour flight with a toddler, so we enlisted Ava to be my helper! She was over the moon (to put it mildly!).  She packed her schoolwork with her, and was a great help to me, and a playmate to Lucy.

Lucy was a champion flyer! She ate the entire time and climbed up and down off our laps.  Thankfully Ava is still little enough that Lucy could stand in front of her seat and get her wiggles out.  I don't suppose it was entirely correct, but I figured it was a vast improvement over walking the aisles.  I found out the key to a happy toddler on a plane was lots (and lots!) of snacks.  

On Sunday morning we went to church with Nana,  and Ava went to Sunday School with her pen pal friend Lancey.  They met the last time the Courys went to Arizona and they became fast friends.  After church Ava went to her house for the day and had a blast swimming, playing dolls, etc. while we had a great visit with my brother, Seth. 
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Uncle Seth showing Lucy how to really splash

I'd seen oranges on trees, but I'd never picked one right off the tree.  Mom saved a couple of oranges just so Ava and I could experience picking our own fruit and eating it.  They were at the very end of their season, but still really tasty.  And it's just SO COOL to pick your own orange! 

This was Ava's first time being away from mommy and daddy overnight (Four nights!) and she did really well. It helped that they Face-Timed every day, and got surprise notes from mommy each day.  She really missed having her best bud with her, though, and was constantly telling us about all the stuff she wished she could do with Noah. 

On day 4 she told me she thought she'd get one every day of her trip. :)

Ava made a valiant attempt to catch a lizard so she could bring a tail home to Noah.
I was secretly relieved each time she failed. I didn't want to break it to her that there was no way
we were putting a lizard tail in our luggage. I have my limits! 

Aside from church and a quick trip to the park, this was the only time this girl wore more than a diaper (if that!)
Sporting a homemade outfit
We were only in Arizona for three full days, but we filled them to the max. We went to church and the park, Ava had a playdate, we swam, we ate, we shopped, we laughed and talked and tried (and failed) to stay up late! 

Back and forth, up and down, repeat. 

Big tears when mommy wouldn't let her play in the street. 

Lucy loved the water, especially being on the swim step, which was only about 8 inches deep

Matching polka dot glasses! 
Someone got a kite stuck on mom's roof.  They managed to get the kite (not sure HOW), but left the string, so Nana sent Ava up to free the string so we could pull it down off the roof.  Clearly this little monkey has no fear of heights! 

Thanks for a wonderful whirlwind trip, Nana/Mom!  We love you! 

One last selfie

3 days of sun and playing hard will wear a girl out! She slept and rested the last half of the flight!

We had a blast in Arizona, but four nights away from the love of my life was more than enough for me.  Here's hoping our next trip to Arizona is longer and includes all of us!

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