Sunday, April 12, 2015

Snoqualmie Falls

Isaac had never (NEVER!) been to Snoqualmie Falls despite being a native of Western Washington.  What?!  He felt we needed to get out today, so off to the Falls we went. :)

She takes after her daddy -- fearless!
MY stomach was continually doing somersaults!

The falls were just beautiful today, and the weather was incredibly accommodating for April!  It's been a crazy weather weekend -- sunny one minute, then windy with rain pelting us the next, and everything in between.  When I bent down to ask Lucy what she thought of the falls she signed "bath" -- yep, she's mine! I was once convinced that all waterfalls (even those that were actually fountains) were showers.  Mom knew I'd been away from civilization for too long! 

Climbing up, up, up! 

Look how high I climbed, daddy! 

Heartbroken that daddy wouldn't let her climb down the stairs

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