Saturday, August 1, 2015

This is Why I'm Always Behind on Blogging...

I intended to sit down and blog about our morning. It was really fun. Last night Isaac mentioned that he wanted a donut -- I'd been craving one since Monday -- so we decided to raid our change jar and treat ourselves.  Krispy Kreme for him, Top Pot for me, a park for Lucy: perfection!


"Liiiii!  Weeeee" 

"Dooo? (shoe)?"  Clearly we need to spend more time barefoot out of doors.  The problem is, we mostly go to rocky beaches or it's just too hot to go shoeless at the pool (the decking will burn her feet).  We remedied this as best we could today! 

Watching the ducks

My loves! I can't imagine loving anyone more than I love these two! 

This expression is classic Lucy: she heard a loud noise and must assess. 
I love our shadows in this shot!
Photo credit: Isaac

Waving to the geese as they bathed

Wading out to see the birds

 I came home to blog about this morning...  Sadly I got distracted by all the unsorted pictures on my desktop.  By the time I had taken care of them and gotten photos off of our phones, Lucy's nap was over.  Okay, let's set up the "kiddie pool" on the back deck and I'll blog and watch her...except watch her is all I could do between the mischief she kept attempting (bringing water in the house, going back to the pool clothed, dunking dry clothes into the pool).

Between it all I did a bit of semi-coherent blogging.  I try to remember that when I look back on this later, I'll laugh remembering the stage of life we're in right now, where focus and undivided time are precious commodities generally better spent on my child and husband than on writing... Still, I want to remember these moments, and share them with family near and far, so here's my attempt.

My brown baby! Her hair is almost as blonde as mine was. Almost. 

After sitting (naked) on the potty for several minutes, she decided carrying it around the house was a better idea... 

In the pool in the second fresh diaper in a row (before I could get the lid back on the pool), this time with a hat.

After the third diaper in the pool incident, I managed to cover the bin and THEN get her dressed.  She was undeterred.  As far as she's concerned, the pool should remain open. 

Oh...hey mom! 
 And when she's not getting into mischief, she's being utterly adorable as evidenced below.  She walks around the house these days crying "Nee-a-ha! nee-a-haaaa!", which translates "I need a hat!"

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our day.  There were so many more moments that were equally mischievous and/or adorable, but alas I cannot capture them all (or she was naked and showing more than I post online)...  I surely do love this crazy life.  

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