Sunday, August 23, 2015

Well, Excuse You!

A short glimpse into Lucy life...  I'd heard about this from my mom via a phone call, but I hadn't experienced it until tonight.  Halfway through dinner, I hear her growling. I look at her and she smiles and says "me, me".  Allow me to explain: she's discovered fake burping, but being my child, she always excuses herself afterward.  And she's only 20 months old! Oh my!!


Isaac took Lucy to the park today, and a bee there took quite a fancy to her.  Needless to say, she flipped out!  "No, bee! No!" every little speck of black she sees anywhere (or, heaven forbid, an actual bug) is a " BEE! BEE!"  She's also saying "Gowaybee!"

Showing me her "bee" -- a piece of dirt out of my planter. 

On Friday Lucy told me "poopoo, ba ba" until I finally took notice.  
Me: "You need to go poopies on the potty?"
Lucy: enthusiastically, "yeah!"
So off we went...  and she sat, and nothing happened. I brought the now naked child out into the living room with the potty, and set her up.  She sat.  Nothing.  I figured she'd tried and was safe to run around for a couple minutes. I started to smell "toots", so I looked down to sit her on the potty aaaand -- too late! Poop log on the carpet. GAH!  
Me: (still haven't learned my lesson) "Lucy, we go poopies ON the potty!" (long conversation as we clean up)... 
Then, to myself: "Well, at least she's not going to go again. Might as well let her enjoy some naked time" (Because she calls it "nay nay" and it's the cutest thing ever. 
Lucy pees...all. over. the kitchen.  All. over. 
Potty training may be a couple months off still... 

Um, Lucy, you're doing it wrong.  All of it. Wrong.
We still love you, though! 
Aand lastly as I'm trying to type this up, I'm met with this sight: (SO proud!) "Dada!" 
"Da Da!!!!" 

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