Friday, February 12, 2016

28 weeks!

I hit the third (and thank the Lord, FINAL) trimester today.  I realized way too late in the day that perhaps I ought to document the day with a picture, so they're not great quality because I had to use the flash, and a self-timer since Isaac was at work.  

The big things: my thyroid has been underachieving this time around, so I'm taking synthroid, but I think we've found the happy place and my levels have evened out to where they should be at this stage.  My iron and blood sugar both look good -- praise the Lord! 

This little boy is quite active! I don't know if I have just forgotten how much Lucy wiggled and squirmed, or if he's genuinely more rambunctious than she was at this stage.  I'm inclined to believe the latter.  And he's strong for such a bony little dude, some of his kicks and stretches are actually kind of painful!  

This go-round has brought with it a lot more Braxton-Hicks.  I don't know if it's because I know what they feel like this time, or if it's because I'm a lot busier with chasing around a two year old, but they're frequent and uncomfortable.  

I'm up a hair over 20 pounds this time and feel like it's much more in my belly this time versus having a huge belly, but also feeling all-around swollen last time.  I'm still able to wear my wedding band, which was a definite no-go last time well before this point. 

Here's the aforementioned, not great, but documenting pictures: 

And for comparison: me at 28 weeks with Lucy (same shirt by total coincidence -- I only have about 5 shirts that fit me right now)

Clearly lighting is not a strong-suit of our condo

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