Monday, February 22, 2016

A Belated Birthday Date to Target

Last night Lucy and I had a special date.  We went to McClendon's to visit daddy at his second job, then I told Lucy we'd go to Target and get a special treat.  We still had her $10 from GG Pat for her birthday.  Since her birthday falls right before Christmas, she was inundated with new things and I thought it would be best to wait a little while before spending her birthday money so she'd appreciate her gifts more.  

Mama sprang for popcorn "pah-corn" as Lucy calls it.  She felt like such a big girl with her snack setup and a water tucked away in the cart.  

Since she's not quite old enough to set loose in the toy department, I guided her selections, still allowing her to make some choices along the way.  We perused the Frozen aisle, looking at all the fun Anna and Elsa merchandise, then went for some play-doh.  I also let her pick between a cup, a plate, or a bowl with Anna and Elsa on it -- it was a tough call, but the cup won out in the end.  Then we saw some bubbles for only $1.00 and that tapped out our $10.  Mama sprang for the tax -- birthday money shouldn't have to be used on taxes, ammIright?

Carrying her purchases like a big girl! 
 The next morning we broke out the Play-Doh.  It was a HIT!  I'd tried letting her play with it once before, but she was too young to get it.  This time, she was all about it.  I was breathing in the nostalgia as she dug into the dough.

Sometimes you have to stand to get the right leverage!
She was really good about putting away one color before opening another. 

This started out as "snowman!" and quickly became "BUBBLES!"  -- Two of her favorite things! 

Thank you for the birthday money, GG Pat!  I foresee many fun mornings (and afternoons) in our future! 

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