Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Many Faces of Lucy Lu

Oh, my LuLu!  She's such a character!  I just want to bottle her sweetness at this age so I can savor it always. I want to bottle her energy so I can have half of it.  I want to bottle her whining and throw it away. ha! 

I took these pictures across the span of about a minute. Daddy helped with the latter pictures as the result I got was the first picture. This so sums up her little personality right now! So quick to tears, quick to joy and laughter. I love her for all her spunkiness, but man is it exhausting! 

Lucy's thought process kills me.  Her imagination is really taking off and she's verbalizing more of what's happening in her head now and she keeps us laughing.  Recently she told us she was going to "Niveah" (Ninevah).  She called "dintie" (auntie) on a leaf that she used as a phone.

On the way home from church one day:
"Oh no. Our house broken."
Me: "It's broken?" Lucy: "yep."
Me: ???
Lucy: "It turned into a diaper. It a diaper now."

"When auntie some point...bring a present. For my birthday.  Dat be a special tweat!" (Everything is about special treats these days).

Lucy: "I go in my yoom, get fussies out, then I come out here and be cheerful"  She went in her room and wailed for a couple of minutes, then came out and said she was cheerful and asked to do blocks with me.

Potty training continues to be a slow process.  She is pooping on the potty without incident, other than that it still stresses her out a bit (but sometimes we get an easy occurrence, so light at the end of that tunnel?!).  She's having more accidents now as she's getting more wrapped up in play and imagination. We're working on reminding her to go every hour or so.  She's getting better at holding it/peeing away from home, though, so again, we're making progress.  It's just slow. And I hate it. BUT I wouldn't want to go back to diapers for the world, so there you go! ;)
My little sunshine on a rainy walk 
Crazy face.
Little Miss Mischief
Isaac and I got the rare opportunity to spend some one on one date time with our best girl a couple weeks ago.  We took her for ice cream, and she looooved all the attention (and sugar). 

This girl is her daddy's mini me in energy and brilliance.  I think she may be a scholar one day like he is.  I caught her comparing her two kid Bibles for the story of Jonah. :) 

Nursing her baby Rachie 

I love that she still needs her nap.  She's growing so quickly, and I love that she still has that bit of babyness left. 
Checking her heart with the shower hose
Chatting on the phone
A peak at the teen years
My little photo bomber! She loves to be involved in all things "broyer" 

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