Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

This year we planned, and cancelled, at least three trips to the pumpkin patch.  We finally decided to tough the crowds and go on a Saturday because it was the only day there was going to be a break in the rain.  It turned out to be a lovely day, on the verge of being warm and cloudy with sun breaks.  Unfortunately, it was a Saturday, the first nice day in over a week, and the only day it wasn't predicted to rain buckets.  We, along with all of Kent, Renton, and Des Moines converged on the Carpinito Bros. Pumpkin Patch.  Seriously, I have seen crowds at the pumpkin patch, but this was an entirely new level.

So optimistic at the start of the maze! 

Begging to be carried

This is true love: an auntie that carries my hefty child around the maze! 
Mom status: Achieved!

Alright, we found marker 1 without too much trouble.  Granted, it wasn't quite where we thought it should be, but we were still optimistic that we had this maze figured! 

She was NOT thrilled with me for telling her she had to stay dressed in the corn maze.

This girl and the "punkins"

Roasted corn: A Patch tradition!  Thank you to my sister for braving the line and bringing this back for me!! 

This guy! He's a big fan of food. AAAANY food! 

Trying to figure out how tall they are! 

Tradition, Tradition! 

Sibling love? 

Lucy was much less scared of the animals this year! The goats were still her favorite. She was pretty bummed that she couldn't make them come down from the top of their pen. 

Watching the geese migrate by the thousands

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