Saturday, August 18, 2012

THE BIG DAY: the ceremony!!

A few last minute preparations...

Final suspender check, final smooch, final necklace fix (the clasp broke so I sewed her into her necklace!)
Almost ready...picture time...and the sweetest little flower girl ever! I cannot get enough of my sweet pookie!

Lonnie Sr's ready to do this!  Isaac's chillin, waiting for it to be time to go, and I'm feeling surreally happy!

You want me to go out there? Is it time? Don't worry, I got this, mom!  One last sister hug, a papa's arm, and I'm ready to go!
My handsome man! Judy being escorted by her son, Luke. Mom being escorted by nephew Justin.
It's really happening!!! 

Communion was our favorite, most intimate moment: quietly praying together and sharing in the body of Christ together, served by my husband. YES, PLEASE!
We did it!!!

We made it official in the eyes of the state... 

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