Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

We're getting married in the mo-o-o-orning!  Ding, dong, the bells are gonna ri-i-i-i-ing!!!  Okay, so it's TWO days until we're getting married, in point of fact...but we figured it would be better if we all at least tried to go to bed early the night before!

Turns out Isaac not only stayed up re-e-e-e-ally late, he went to see Men In Black III to kill time until the big day! I absolutely love that he was so excited to be getting married to me!

Tori Bond (my cousin) was our fabulous wedding coordinator! She took so much pressure off all of us. We all had complete confidence in her abilities and she was awesome!

I love my mama! And my sweet, sweet niece and my amazing, handsome, wonderful-beyond-measure fiance!

Thank you to our wonderful friends and family that came out to support us!

Helping her put on her grown up flower girl gift! 

We had a wonderful rehearsal, then it was time to prep for the WEDDING!!!

I love him so much! 

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