Friday, October 25, 2013

A Fall Walk with Some of my Favorites!

A few photos from our fall walk along the Cedar River! Many thanks to Auntie Sam and Glenda for coordinating it!  It was lovely!!

I had to climb an embankment to make this about making the hubs nervous -- I'm not exactly graceful at the best of times, and pregnancy has not increased my balance... 

Uncle Isaac Monster in action! Doesn't Ava look terrified? 

More cool 'shrooms! 

I just want to kiss these cheeks all the time! 

Look at this toothless girl!  Doesn't she look just like her mama? 

He's not exactly "sneaky"... 

Uncle I helped Noah find quite the stick! 

Sword fighting is this little guy's favorite! 
Note Ava's stance...Noah was so excited to have a real participant in Uncle I! 

Noah: "I will take this stick and I will kill a bear with it"
Me: "Hmmm...that sign says 'No Hunting,' sorry buddy!"
Noah: "We-ell, maybe a little farther along there will not be a sign, and then I will kill a bear." 

He stayed prepared for the rest of the walk... 

What a gentleman I married! 

I love helicopters! 

Over to Gene Coulon for some chowdah and a few more pictures... 

So cool -- remote controlled sail boats! 

Nevermind the goose poop everywhere, this boy's gonna jump into and roll through the leaf pile! 

My beautiful sister: 

And now, this post wouldn't be complete without some of Noah's one liners from the day: 

“Hey Auntie, when is that egg in your belly gonna hatch?”

(while swinging a big stick): “I could crack that egg for you if you mind” 
Isaac: “Uh, no thanks, buddy!”
Noah: “I was actually talking to auntie”

“Is auntie going to take more family pictures today, because....(motions to outfit)?” (He would have preferred cozy pants (fleece sweats) and a sweatshirt, to be sure. haha! Turns out I DID take his picture, and for the most part, he’s pretty cool with it... emphasis on for the most part. 

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  1. Love, LOVE it! Noah has pretty good form for sword fighting. I'm glad he had a real, live person to fight with. Uncle I is a very good sport. Ava certainly did look scared to death of Uncle's Mean Monster face. HA! Love the Fall photos of the lush, dank forest with the brilliant colored leaves. I can almost smell Fall.