Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Birth Team!

Lucy's birth story wouldn't be complete without mentioning my amazing support team!  I could not have made it through it without them.  My apologies if this post is rambling or incoherent. I'm writing as I'm jiggling Lucy in her seat so she'll stay asleep long enough for me to write this. :) 

Isaac: Considering he'd never been through this before, Isaac was incredibly intuitive of my needs.  He was able to help me keep calm and relax through my contractions both at home and at the hospital. He managed to keep track of all kinds of information and was able to be my voice when I was too focused on relaxing or just too exhausted to communicate clearly.  Later when decisions needed to be made Isaac took the lead in asking questions and displayed wisdom and discernment in making choices I couldn't make alone.  Most of all, he prayed with and for me.  I felt such peace and calm with him by my side.  Now in the recovery, he's been encouraging, patient, wise, innovative, and loving.  He's reminded me of our baby's health and the wonder of her when I'm at my lowest, most exhausted, ready to give up. He's stepped up as a husband and father in a truly Christlike manner.  I love him!! 

Auntie Lorna: What can I say about Auntie Lorna that those that know her don't already know?  She's amazing!  She was a voice of unequivocal calm.  She talked me through my intense contractions while massaging my head or my legs and feet to quickly take me to a state of utter relaxation.  "Keep it low and moving down" -- those words kept me focused throughout the contractions and greatly decreased my pain and panic.  She also prayed over me and kept my mom and family updated throughout the very long days.  She was willing to drop everything (and you know that's quite a LOT) to be there for me -- for us -- when we needed her.  Thank you, Auntie Lorna!  

Friends and Family: Thank you to my family and friends who were praying us through this labor and delivery!  It didn't go at all as we had hoped, but ultimately Lucy was born healthy and mama was safe.  

VMC Nurse Midwives: I can't say enough how much I appreciated the midwives -- particularly Amy Steers and Melissa Rubin.  Amy was there through my labor and delivery and she gave me candid, specific details about each option and allowed us to decide.  She was calm and encouraging throughout the labor, and truly helped me exhaust every option for a natural birth before we progressed to a c-section. 

VMC Labor & Delivery Nurses: The nurses at Valley lived up to their reputation.  They are awesome!  It's not just any nurse who can make a laboring or post-partum woman feel at ease and confident in her caretakers.  They truly love what they do, and it was so evident in everything they did for us.  They took the time to take care of Isaac as well as me (making sure he knew where to get food, etc.).  Several of the nurses that were with us early on, or in the operating room, stopped by throughout our stay to check in and meet Lucy.  They were so compassionate and encouraging!  

Mom: Because Lucy came so close to my due date (much to the surprise of all but Isaac), my mom wasn't able to be there in the delivery room.  That was hard for both of us (again, THANK YOU to Auntie Lorna for being my surrogate mom and coach!).  She has been invaluable to me in my recovery. She's stayed up nights holding Lucy so Isaac and I could sleep, she's cooked us meals, she's cleaned my house, she's encouraged me as I've worked to feed Lucy, she's held me when I cried when Isaac wasn't here, she's just here being a calming presence.  

Finally, all glory to God.  We truly experienced peace that surpassed all understanding.  It was a loooong process, full of turns and decisions we never expected to face.  Through it all, I knew God was in control and I felt completely in His will.  I'm normally a complete wreck when things don't go the way I anticipate or plan, but I was truly able to give it all up and not feel any regret or loss.  Thank you, Lord!  Thank you for putting midwives, nurses, and doctors in our path that took such excellent care of us.  Thank you for my husband and Aunt who were able to love and care for me up close.  Thank you for my mom who was able to encourage me and pray for me from afar, and care for me so carefully after the fact.  

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