Friday, January 24, 2014


We had a fun cousin/auntie visit when Jade and Auntie Lorna came up to the condo, and the Coury's came down.  Jade brought her American Girl doll, and Sarah ran back home to get Ava's (what a good mommy!).  The kids had a great time playing dolls and braiding hair (Jade just learned to french braid, and Ava learned to braid).  I'm loving family time!!

Ava loves babies -- I mean loves them!  I can relate.  When I was little if there was a baby in the room, I wanted to be watching it, playing with it, holding it...  Who am I kidding?  I still feel that way.  Just try having a conversation with me if there's a little one in the room.  I can guarantee you I will have trouble making eye contact with you.  I digress.  Ava loves being the big cousin!  She's a natural baby whisperer, too!  She will hold Lucy and she even knows to bounce her to keep her happy!  What a pro!  

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