Sunday, February 9, 2014

My beautiful girl!

Random pictures of life and our beautiful little girl:

She's decided bath-time isn't so bad after all... 

4 weeks old! 

This is where you can find us 90% of the time! 

Chillin with mom's pups: Morgan, Max, and Odie! 

Super baby!

Sharing secrets with Morgan! 

A girl and her posse! 

Angelic sleeper.

It doesn't get cuter than this! Any sweeter and you'd get cavities! 

Daddy's crazy! And she loves it! 

Bath time

Ergo time!

So fashionable!  Thanks for the hat, Auntie Sarah! Thanks for the shirt, Auntie Lorna!! 

I could just braid these toes! 

This is how we watch the superbowl! 

Auntie Love! 

Such a consistently happy girl! 

Sweetest sleeper! 

Mmm, thumb!!! 

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  1. This is how I start my day ... ... looking at pictures of Lucy. These are all adorable. I love every one of them, with the exception of Crazy Daddy! Yikes! I can't look. It's amazing the things Dad's come up with and that kids love. I used to have to leave the room sometimes when Papa got going with kids.