Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lucy's First Snow!

It started snowing last night while we were having dinner with GG Nancy (GG is Great Grandma). We hustled home and woke up to a winter wonderland this morning!  Lucy's first snow! 

We bundled up our little bear and went for a walk! 

Family walk in the snow! 

Lucy loves going for walks in the Ergo -- as long as we're walking. She's not so keen on stopping. 

This made me think of our crazy Charlie boy.

As you can see he's enjoying the snow and has a great new owner: 

The walk wore Lucy plum out! 

And mommy and daddy enjoyed some quiet time in front of a nice fire!  

Yes, those are duraflame logs...yes, we cheat. You would too if you lived on the third floor! ;) 

1 comment:

  1. The snow makes everything look beautiful. Lucy seems quite cozy. This time next year, she'll be out walking in it (or Daddy will be pulling her in a sled.) Charlie is looking very handsome in his vest!