Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2 Month Checkup

Little Miss Lucy went in for her 2 month check up today and passed with flying colors!

She's 12 pounds, 5.5 ounces, putting her in the 75th percentile for weight; her head is 16cm, putting her in the 90-95th percentile for head size, and 23 3/4 inches for height, putting her in the 90-95th percentile.  She seems to have her mama's build so far, including that big ol' head -- sorry kiddo!

Laid back baby -- check that happy tummy!
She got four vaccinations (poor girl), and handled them really well!  She cried for a minute or two while she was on the table, but settled right down when I picked her up.  Sweet girl slept the whole way home, through errands, and is still asleep almost two hours later.

The doctor assured me she's right on track for growth, so not to worry about her occasional "nursing strikes" when she refuses to eat in the evenings.  She said that by this point, Lucy knows whether she's hungry or tired and to let her dictate her feeding schedule.

Oh, side note: She was in a disposable diaper this morning after having a hint of diaper rash (I need to find a good nighttime cloth diaper solution -- she occasionally gets a little rashy when she sleeps really long at night).  Anyway, I'm very proactive about treating her rash, so she was in a disposable so I could treat it.  I had her on my lap after the doctor examined her, getting her partially dressed before her shots.  I lifted her up to pull the onesie down to snap it and I felt warmth on my legs... WHY does it feel like I have pee on me?  Oh... because I do.  Awesome.  Just another reason I love cloth diapers: they have elastic around the waist so they don't leak like 'sposies do!

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