Sunday, February 16, 2014

8 Weeks!

Lucy is 8 weeks old today!  She's already outgrowing (or outgrown) her 0-3 month clothes and some of her 3 month clothes.  Oh my, stop growing up so fast, my baby! She's already looking so mature -- it's hard to believe she's been here for less than two months still.  

Lucy coos, smiles, and growls her expressions.  We're starting to see more and more personality coming out as she lets us know how she feels.  Overall she's a happy girl who loves her daddy.  He plays with her and makes mama a little nervous sometimes, but she just loves it!  She loves to snuggle with mama and ride around with her in the ergo when she's taking care of the home. 

Cherishing these sweet snuggles!  

Sometimes mommy takes too many pictures...Happy Valentine's Day, anyway.

She's an active sleeper -- she started out vertical on my chest and ended up perfectly sideways. 

Daddy-time!  SHer neck is getting stronger and she enjoys sitting up! 

Daddy does some crazy stunts! 

8 weeks old today and looking like a big girl! 

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