Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby's First Bath!

When Lucy's umbilical cord finally came off (after two weeks), we were eager to get her into the bath!  And of course I had to have photographic evidence of the event.  Poor girl did not enjoy it. I am happy to say she's since come around and rather enjoys herself. 

Yes, that's my child standing -- she's that unhappy about being stripped down!  And sorry, no bare buns on the internet! :) They're sure cute, though! 

Bath ready to go! 

In she goes! 

Maybe she's going to like it?? 

Oooor not.

 Definitely not!  Poor girl -- she smelled amazing, though! 

All warm and clean post-bath...and about two seconds after this picture I started to feel extra warm down my stomach and leg...turns out Lucy decided to express her displeasure at being bathed by peeing on mommy.  Love her! 

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