Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 Months!

Little Lucy is already three months old!

My sweet chunk a week before her 3 month birthday!

This little girl is happy when she's in a routine that includes plenty of time at home and mama snuggles!  She is constantly busy when she's awake.  She is gurgling, blowing bubbles, cooing, and trying out new sounds almost daily!  She loves her "under the sea" gym.  The toys are stationed so that she hits them when she swings her arms, and the last few days she's been grasping toys and turning to examine them -- hooray for hand-eye coordination!!  

She's outgrown all but a few of her 3 month clothes, and is comfortably fitting into 6 month clothes, except for a few pieces she's fixing to outgrow any second!

She rolled over for the first time this last week!  I'm not going to lie, I got a bit teary when I realized what had happened.  I guess there will always be a bittersweetness to my baby growing up!  I encourage her to grow, be independent, be adventurous, and yet when she is, I realize she won't always be a baby!

My busy girl is not content to "just" roll front to back.  She's working on rolling from her back to her front.  So far she's only made it over once -- right off the edge of the couch.  Don't worry, folks, she's fine, it just scared her.  A few daddy snuggles and she was good to go again.  And before you say "why wasn't someone watching her?", there was a parent right next to her, she just surprised us!  Her days of hanging out on the couch with us are over unless she's perpendicular to the edge and between us.

Finally, on the napping front -- she's making progress, folks!  She still prefers to sleep in mama's arms (which this mama indulges on a regular basis), but she's starting to go to sleep in her own crib.  The naps are shorter when she's on her own, but she's napping on her own: I'll take it!!

And now for an entirely hilarious couple of three month videos:

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