Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucy and Arfar

Today Sarah, Ava, Noah, and I took Lucy to meet her Great Grandfather, affectionately known as Grandfather or "Arfar" for those who can't yet say grandfather.

He has the magic touch as always and had her smiling, cooing, and blowing bubbles within moments of our arrival.  I think he was pretty smitten with her, too.

I wish I'd remembered to take my nice camera, but all I had is my phone.  Still, I love these visual reminders of what a loving, wonderful Grandfather I have!  97 and still going strong, folks!

You can just see Lucy's big grin!
Lucy was rather mesmerized by Grandfather! 
Even at 97 he's still an excellent baby handler! 

And what were Ava and Noah doing during this visit?  Playing War, Matchup, and learning how to spin the well as playing spies on us through the window from the kitchen to living room. :)

Learning the fine art of "War" the card game.

Memory is always a favorite.  Raise your hand if you played with this exact set as a child:  (hand raised).  Bonus if you helped CREATE it! :)  I can still smell (in memory only) the rootbeer and the grape soda and snowcone. Mmmm! And the pink...whatever that was...milkshake? 

Grandfather teaching them how the old wooden top works.  Just as Sarah and I were commenting that the original leather string still works, it broke in half.  I took the pieces, now to remember to pick up a new bit of leather at the craft store.  This is an oldie that needs to live on!  

There's always fun memorized to be found at Grandfather's house.  These used to come in tea boxes... Anyone know if they still do?  We also saw "Mr. Grasshopper" and a host of family photos taken over the years.  

We love (great) Grandfather! 

"Hey mom, this guy's pretty great, huh?"

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