Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arizona 2014

Lucy and I flew down to Arizona to spend a week with Papa and Nana.  It was Lucy's first flight and she did great!  I was pretty nervous, but once we made it through security (and of COURSE I was selected for a random drug search), it was smooth sailing.  Lucy slept through the flight until the final descent; she cried through most of it, but who could blame her? It was well past her bedtime by then and I'm sure her ears were hurting.  Poor girl!  But then we were THERE! In warm Arizona!

Happy to be in Arizona!
Nanaaaaa! I missed you!!! 

All better! Nana has the magic touch! 

How many grandparents does it take to calm a fussy baby? 

Uncle Seth got to meet Lucy. He pronounced she's a cute baby -- high praise from Seth! 

He makes her seem tiny!

We got to go down to Casa Grande and visit Seth and see his new place.  He's fixing it up one aspect at a time and doing a great job!  

It was kind of surreal seeing all his Border Patrol uniforms in the closet. Yep, guess that really IS what he does! 

This little girl captured this big guy's heart!

Who me? I never fuss. I'm a perfect angel! 
 Lucy loved her Papa! She thought he was pretty hilarious! He could get her smiling and cooing so much! She wore him out, but he loved it!

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!  Isaac flew down for the weekend -- this was our first time being separated over night as a married couple... that was rough! It was not an experience either of us cared to repeat any time soon.  It was so wonderful to wake up next to him and spend full days relaxing with him, showing him the sights!
Lucy showing daddy how she'd spent her week -- naked and watching the ceiling fan! 

Going on a hot date! Thanks for babysitting, Nana!!! 

My little ladybug. 

This just MELTS. MY. HEART! I love them! 

Mom and Papa (and Guido)

Vacation mode x 2!

 We went for a hike up to the waterfall!  This was Lucy's first hike ever and my first post-baby hike -- it felt great and was beautiful!

Lucy's riding in style - wearing mama's bonnet. 

We saw lots of cacti in bloom -- so pretty -- and crazy to see something so pretty on a prickly cactus! 

The hiking crew

Exploring the upper basin of the waterfall

This is how I feel about having my picture taken, mom!

Hiking is exhausting for little people!

Pretending we're NOT freezing to death in the friends' pool. 

Scooting on home! 

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