Monday, December 22, 2014

Lucy is ONE!

Lucy and her new baby, Rachie (my baby doll)
My baby is one year old today!  I've been saying that over and over all day today in an effort to make it feel more real: my sweet baby, my Lucy, has been here for an entire year!  I've been reflecting all day (all week, really) on where I was at this time last year, mentally following my progress through labor.  A year later and I can say that the memory of the pain fades, but the joy of her arrival continues to grow!

Height:  30.5 inches
Weight:  20 pounds
Head:     90-95th percentile

My sweet sleeper on her last night as an 11 month old.  

I tell many people that Lucy came out of the womb with opinions and that has certainly rung true.  She is tenacious!  She's silly, happy, Busy with a capital B, sweet, only occasionally snuggly, daddy-loving, cousin-chasing, and definitely a mama's girl.

She's still nursing full-time, which was a huge blessing (and relief) to me this past week as she's fought to cut four teeth at once -- all on the top.  My poor girl didn't have much of an appetite, and would only nurse, but seemed to rally just in time for her birthday and ate whatever I offered today.

Lucy still isn't walking, though I'm convinced she was on the cusp of taking off before she was knocked out by teething (see my previous post).  She motors around on all fours, getting into mischief, hiding behind doors, playing peek-a-boo, opening (and emptying) drawers, and hiding things in my boots that I find when I'm in a rush to get out the door.

The nose-crinkle is a new favorite!

Lucy says hi and ba ba (bye bye) accompanied by a wave, mama, dada, and oh!  She can sign "more" and "all done" and understands the sign for eat, nurse, orange, water, and drink, but so far only responds to them with a grin.  As I said before, she's tenacious and she's decided that two signs are quite enough.  If she's displeased with a situation or wants to be done or somewhere else, she signs all done or waves and says bye bye.  If she wants something (especially if it's out of reach or she's been told "no"), she asks for "more" with the most pleading puppy dog eyes.  It's really hard not to give in, but we persevere, even when our sweet girl turns into a very demanding, angry little minion.

I can see glimpses of her toddler-self emerging, and I know we'll have our hands full guiding her strong-willed nature into positive avenues.

After a rough week, it was a blessing and a joy to see her spunky self shine through today.  We had a surprise visit from auntie and cousins and she dove into Noah's arms when she saw him.  She giggled with me playing peek-a-boo behind the door, and outright laughed when daddy tossed her in the air.  Our sweet Ms. Magoosey is back!

Birthday-Christmas fusion
We thank the Lord for the gift of this sweet, healthy, beautiful child.  She is our first and has taught us so much about love, about ourselves, about the way that God loves us...  We treasure her and the joy that she continually brings to us.  We cannot imagine life without her.

Too many pictures, mama!
Here's a quick video of her day... just some clips of Lucy being a 1 year old!  I know I'm biased, but the whole peek-a-boo scene near the end is pretty much the cutest thing ever!

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