Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lucy's First Birthday Party

About a week ago, we had a small party for Lucy to celebrate her upcoming FIRST birthday!  I can't believe it's been nearly a year!  Since she was born three days before Christmas, I wanted to take special care that her birthday was separate and unique -- a day to celebrate the blessing she is!

These two! They're inseparable! 

Tutu buns: I can't get enough! 

Getting her hair done by auntie

Giraffe is a must at any event! 

Playing with Gramps

We had presents.  I'm pretty sure her favorite was the laptop Nana gave her.  Now she can "work" when we're on our laptops...

Checking out baby Rachie's fingers

She loves Seahawks Bear, Uncle Seth! 

I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear the new dress from GG Nancy...  Lucy seemed to prefer sitting in the box. 

Hard at work! 
 I had this great idea that I'd keep her smash cake really simple and decorate it with nonpareils.  Lucy wasn't so thrilled with this idea, as it turns out.  She did NOT like the sprinkles one bit.  She scraped them off the cake, then got frosting on her hands and she was DONE. She did not want anything more to do with the cake.  Oh well! So much for the fantastic, epically messy cake smash photos!

Mama, get it OFF my fingers! 

No, I really don't want it, mama

Okay, if you feed it to me, I guess I'll eat it

Hm...sugar is tasty! 

Much happier with her seat and a spoon! 

This kid had quite the sugar rush! 

Lucy loves Gramps! 

Hi Grams! Let me check out your face! 

Reading her new book from GG Nancy

Auntie love

Hope we're not creating a workaholic! 

GG Nancy bought her a popper. She thought it was hilarious to be chased around and around in circles by Ava

Birthday party shenanigans! 

We love you, Lucy Margaret! Happy birthday, big girl!

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