Friday, December 19, 2014


This week has been hard for our little Lucy Bear.  We only thought we'd experienced teething up to this point, but we. were. wrong.  This weekend Lucy wasn't quite herself, she was more fussy and clingy than usual, but we thought it was due to the excitement of back to back parties.  

On Monday Lucy was clearly in pain, by Tuesday she'd spiked a fever and was snuggly and pitiful.  Our poor lil puddinhead wanted so badly to play, but it just wasn't in her.  After a very rough night, we packed up and went to workout, where she laid on cousin Ava's chest for 45 minutes, ultimately falling asleep.  If you've ever spent any time with Lucy you know this is uncharacteristic on many levels.  She doesn't sit still, she isn't snuggly, she does NOT fall asleep anywhere but her crib (or her carseat if she's exhausted).  

Going, going....gone! 

My sweet girl was a total limp noodle.  She reminded me in this busiest of seasons to stop and cherish her fevered snuggles. A couple of times she got down on the floor and tried to crawl, but it was too much for her and she laid down on the floor.  

After days of “go, go, go”, it was a good reminder to me that sometimes a mama needs to be still and hold her baby.  My sweet fevered girl needed me.  She wanted to be rocked and snuggled and kissed. 
Fever just starting -- just needing to sit on mom's lap, but still pretty happy! 

Definitely not feeling well: She laid down on my bed and cried when I picked her up. 

Snuggle, sleep, sit up and smile, collapse: REPEAT.  

We called in some snuggle reinforcements! 

She traded off "fresh" packs, but this one never left her body for 24 hours. 

We thought she was feeling better when she got down to crawl...she didn't make it around the coffee table. 
Feeling well enough to get into mischief

Stealing ornaments! 

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