Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa 2014

Santa in pictures.  It's become an annual tradition for us (the McPhees and the Courys) to go see the Nordstrom's Santa each year.  This was Lucy's first year and it was a blast!  Since they say a picture's worth a thousand words, I'll stop writing and get right to the cuteness:
Ava and her doll, Saige. She saved up her own money to buy her and she continues to LOVE her. 
My sweet niece holding my baby's hand.  
Isn't she beautiful? 
Christmas browsing with Saige in tow
Having a serious conversation with Uncle Brian. He just gets things. 
Time for a quick change! 
Taking a drink -- it's a rite of passage. 
Traditional stair picture 

Mommy may or may not have slipped Lucy a little bit of sugar cookie...
This little ham: stealing the show! 
This face! 
I just love them! 
You know you've been married for a lot of years when you spontaneously make the SAME face. 

Getting close

Chatting with Nana
Final hair prep
Nana love! 
These two have utterly stolen my heart! 
The big moment! 

Yes, she tried to unbeard Santa... 
Checking out the big man -- she was none too sure about him 
Washing the windows on her way out: that's my girl!  
These two fellas! 
Daddy's raising a little rebel
Love these ladies! 

All this excitement did her in! 

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