Friday, May 15, 2015


Home, home on the range! Where the deer and the antelope play!  

Okay, well actually we went to see bison at the Bison Range, but it feels like the song fits.  We did actually see some antelope (I think they're technically Pronghorn, but colloquially Antelope).  Anyway, it's a huge preserve and the herd of bison roam free.  It was really cool to be driving along and suddenly see bison, big horn sheep (as dots on the horizon), antelope, deer, etc. 

She was excited to get to sit up front with mom! 
Immediately upon starting through the preserve, we saw several bison up close! 

Poor kid needed to nap, but naturally she wouldn't give in! 

At the top of the overlook 
Hey mama, I found a rock! 

Yes, she is actually in control of the wheel; and no, she's not ready for her learner's permit! 

The Bitterroot Mountains were out in all their majesty! 

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