Friday, May 29, 2015

Beach Baby!

Living on the west coast of the Pacific Northwest has its perks.  Among the best is living within an easy distance of the Puget Sound.  I lived on the water until I was three, and I've always felt the salt water was in my veins: it's just a part of who I am.  We want our baby to be every bit as much a water lover as we are, so we're there every chance we get! 

Lucy is still pretty uncertain about walking on uneven surfaces

No fear! She was all about getting into the water! 

Getting more comfy! 
I suppose it's a right of passage.  As parents no matter how hard we try: children, if given the chance, will eat sand...and rocks...and seaweed.  I suppose that's what gave us our great immune systems.  So as we continue to try to avoid letting her straight up munch sand, the occasional sampling isn't going to hurt her!

Sand: yummmm! 
Sand, sand everywhere! 
I found a huge shell on the beach (it's from some sort of sea snail, the name of which escapes me) and gave it to Lucy, thinking she'd have fun playing with it.  Apparently she thought it was something to eat. Oh my, was she ever disappointed and rather annoyed at mama!

This is disgusting, mom! I don't want to eat this! 
 I have a picture very similar to this of me and Papa.  This one just makes me smile! Taking a rest on daddy!

Cool baby in mom's vintage Friday Harbor shirt

No doubt telling a story about the seagulls
Beach beauty! 

And she's up!  

The many faces of Lucy Lu

Mom, the beach is exhausting! 
Getting some assistance from Daddy and Gramps
Sitting on a rapidly disappearing island

Big feet, little feet
Feet, feet, feet
How many different feet you meet! 

Cool baby! 

Chatting with the passing boaters, of course! 

Learning about crabs in the safety of daddy's arms
The best way to enjoy the Puget Sound! 

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