Monday, June 1, 2015

Ava and Noah Just Keep Having Birthdays!

We celebrated these two crazies this weekend: Nine and seven respectively.  Ava and Noah, you're growing up too quickly!  Their doting Gramma made their epic camping themed cake complete with the world's largest s'more, Ava and Noah in fondant, and chocolate cupcakes for Noah "because he loves chocolate" and the s'more was vanilla cake.  She also made a separate (big!) gluten free cake for Grampa!  She's amazing! 

In keeping with the camping theme, there was a tent set up in the backyard and all the kids had a blast playing in and around it.  Noah makes an impressive bear and there were lots of giggles and shrieks from inside the tent as he scared Ava and Vera!  Lucy loved the tent and going in and out, but her favorite play area was the outside stairs: up onto the deck, down into the grass: repeat. (Have you noticed the theme here?)

Auntie Diane was a good sport and got inside the tent with them

Ava and Vera reading together
 And then there was Lucy: up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down.

Lucy and Vera did great sharing the kitchen, the tent, Ava.  Vera and Lucy definitely both love their cousins, so we were worried there might be some possessiveness, but they both did great! 

The only clash that occurred between Vera and Lucy came over the game of Ladder Golf.  Vera, after trying out the throwing method (left picture) decided that the best way to accomplish the objective was to line up the golf balls neatly in a line on the middle rung.  It quickly became apparent that she's a very precise child.  

This is how the conversation played out:
Vera: No, Lucy! No, Lucy! No, Lucy!
Lucy (oblivious): "Daydoo, daydoo, daydoo!" (thank you)
Poor Vera! Lucy had no clue Vera wasn't sharing nicely with her
Sarah and Brian prepared a veritable feast of camping food.  The only picture I got was of Lucy chowing down on popcorn.  This girl is so like me in so many ways, not the least of which is her love of food as illustrated below:

A rare moment: Vera cuddled up to Uncle Brian with a story book

 Present Time!  Both the moms had to prep the kids to open the gifts, and even so it was a bit of a free-for-all.  Four kids 9 and under, all really excited (some about tissue paper, some about what was under it)... It was cute and fun and everyone had a great time!  No hurt feelings, no spoiled surprises, just lots of fun kiddo chaos.

Hi five for Ms. Diane
Lucy was not feeling the cousin photo-op!
Obviously Vera adores these two! 
Gramma and Grampa Coury
Uncle Bill and Auntie Diane
Kyle helping Noah load his first ever cap gun
(You better believe that got loud!) 
I love how excited they get for each other!  
Frozen Legos from Gramma and Grampa!
Hours of peace and quiet to come for mom and dad!
A timeturner! Her transformation into Hermione Granger is complete!!! 
A shotgun complete with pop out shells and smoke oil!  
Lucy spending a moment with "Gunkle" Brian

My poor child! She was so ready for bed! She wasn't even interested in cake. She went down without so much as a fuss this night for the first time in weeks and weeks! 

Lighting the cake and blowing out the (trick!) candles! It was hilarious! I wish we'd thought to film their reactions to the reigniting flames! 

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