Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kitchen Remodel!

We're done!  If you were to tell me that I couldn't renovate a single thing more in the condo while we live here, I'd willingly comply.  I'm sure there will be little things here and there that we find to change, but the list is complete and we are basking in the glow of a completed home!

The last thing to be completed was the kitchen counters.  The counter itself was decent laminate, but the backsplash was hideous.  It was the same terrible backsplash we replaced in the bathrooms.  After pricing it out, we realized it would end up costing so much to replace just the backsplash that it would cost the same as replacing the entire counter with new laminate with a built-in backsplash.  We ended up contracting out the demo/install.  (Best decision ever! So much less stress!) 

The other fun detail about the backsplash -- it had delaminated from the wall before I moved in. I propped it against the wall with a cutting board, then added a lovely layer of silicone caulk to hold it in place and make it water-tight so the sheetrock wouldn't get damaged.  A permanent solution was needed (or at least strongly, strongly desired). 

Here's the before right after I moved in (and after paint): 

My first two renovations: paint and having Papa build me a little shelf over my sink.  It still reminds me of him and makes me smile.  And it's darn useful!! Thankfully the bright peach paint (yeah, didn't look like that on the swatch -- sigh) has mellowed to a nice neutral. 

This backsplash: WHO thought metal stripping looked classy? Who? It doesn't. It makes decent laminate look like trash. Boo!!! 

Our new backsplash was going to be shorter than our old one (of COURSE), so we had to sand, texture, paint (repeat).  

Demo done! 

And the final kitchen: I can't believe how much better I like it now.  I never minded the old counters, just the backsplash, but the new laminate makes the whole kitchen feel brand new!  It's just so clean and fresh!  Isaac previously installed the tile floor.  It all matches so well! I'm in love!

Happy sink! I seriously smiled all through dinner clean up tonight. It's going to take a while for the novelty to wear off, I think. ;) 

Seriously, this makes me SO happy!

Daddy had to reinstall the sink. As with any project, he had a very involved little "helper".  I love how she loves him, and how he, in turn, loves her and is patient with her when she slows his work down exponentially by climbing on him and stealing his tools.  

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