Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chicken Pox!

In spite of the potential for being labeled a "bad mother", I am here to admit that my child not only got the chicken pox (and not the vaccine -- gasp!), but I knowingly and willingly infected her with them.  And she's fine.  It's not for everyone, but we felt like we wanted to give her a chance at natural immunity. 

Lucy either got a cold virus in tandem with the pox or her worst symptom of the chicken pox is a runny nose and cough, there's really no telling.  She had a fever for a few days, but it never exceeded 100.  She's got a really mild case, so we're hoping this will be enough to give her a natural immunity. 

She's been a grump and a half, but it's also been really hot and we've been stuck at home (since we don't want to infect anyone).  She's also got teeth trying to push through, any of which can make her cranky.  Oh, and did I mention she's a toddler? Yeah, they tend to get grumpy for no apparent reason (or totally logical reasons like wanting to wear three shoes and not being able to -- happened today). 

Yogurt fu manchu
She hasn't had a huge appetite, but she can put away some yogurt!  

She's got maybe 40 spots. I kept waiting to take a picture when she was fully dotted...

One of the worst is on her hairline. Thankfully she doesn't seem to notice them so she isn't picking at them. 

My little mama

Bye, mom. 

She's got a large constellation of spots in her diaper area, so she's been running around naked all week.  She's a fan! 

Since we can't go to the pool and it's super hot, we brought the pool to Lucy.  It's not much help to us grown ups, but it does keep her cool and entertained!  It also helped keep her fever in check in the early days. She's spent hours each day in and out of the "pool".  And it's been a great litmus test for potty training for us -- she's had NO accidents in the house this week! (Yes, she HAS peed on the deck and in the pool...but she seems to know not to pee pee in the house -- progress!!)

Trying to put her water shoes on by herself

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