Friday, June 12, 2015

Daddy's Girl - Upcycled T-shirts

We're still in quarantine here in Poxland, so I did some quick sewing to beat away the boredom.  Isaac had a shirt that we both loved, but that was never quite long enough for him.  He finally decided to put it in the donate pile.  I saw it and quickly snatched it up to surprise him with a nightgown for his biggest little fan!  Lucy's becoming quite a daddy's girl -- and why not -- she's got him completely wrapped around that cute little finger with her "dadaaa?" 

When you've got the 'pox and you can't leave the house, you spend a lot of time reading and contemplating life.  I love this series!  She was reading quietly in the "ra-ra" (rock-rock), when she heard some kids playing outside on their way to the bus stop. 

There was a mix-up with Isaac's softball jersey, so Lucy benefited.  A snip here, a stitch there, and she's ready to cheer on daddy at his next Unicorn Squadron game!  And no, we had no say in the of us (or maybe two) love the of us is not so excited about it.  Three guesses who that might be. 

And because she's such a daddy's girl, of COURSE she had to steal his hat and wear it proudly around the house: 

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