Friday, May 29, 2015

Park Days

We wanted to make the most of Isaac having time off and since Lucy is old enough to enjoy the park, we've made lots of trips there! She loves to ride in the stroller, watching for birds and dogs, and also climbing up and down the stairs about 100 times each.

One of our favorite local parks is Seahurst Park in Burien.  It has a nice walking path, a rocky beach great for hunting crabs and sifting rocks, and a cute playground area.

Carly took Lucy to the slide -- and then Lucy decided to be a stinker and refuse to go down! ha

The McPhee brothers having a Sound-side chat

On a walk around Lake Washington (Gene Coulon Park), we saw a goose just sitting on the path.  It let us get pretty close, and Lucy was all for going right up to touch it.  A couple minutes later, it got up, so we gave it some space.  It then proceeded toward us at an alarmingly increasing pace -- aaand that's what Isaac scooped up the baby, I snagged the stroller and we ran for it!  There's just something about being chased by a large bird that's quite unnerving! 

We happened upon a mama and daddy duck letting their littles play in the water!  It was so fun to watch these still downy ducklings trying out their swimming skills, then quickly waddling up to mama to tuck in and get warm! 

Lucy has a love-hate relationship with swings.  This particular day it was fun as long as mama was swinging right alongside her! 

Ultimately she decided that she'd rather be on mama's lap than swinging solo! I'll take snuggles however they come to me! 

Isaac said we should visit Chambers Bay one more time before they close it down for the US Open Golf Tournament.  It was a hot day and we couldn't decide which would be worse: an atypical (hot!) Washington day for the tournament or true Washington golf conditions: cold, wet, and windy!  This course will be a unique challenge with only one tree on the course, crazy bunkers and a challenging setup!  We will happily be watching it from the comfort of our couch at home! It's truly a beautiful site, and I'm nostalgic for it since it was where my cousin (and childhood best friend) had her wedding pictures and reception! 

There's so much work that goes into setting up for a PGA tournament! We had no idea!! 
This girl is fascinated by stairs! She loves exercising her independence by going up and down, up and down, up and down! 

The park will make a girl so thirsty!

Isaac took us up to Kayak Point outside of Tulalip, where he always spent Father's Day as a boy.  There was the coolest park for ages 5-12 -- they mean 5-12 at heart, right?  As soon as I saw this climbing structure I knew I had to give it a go!  Isaac beat me to the punch and away he went.  His nimble climbing got some pre-teen boys to make a second attempt to reach the top.  Later, and not to be outdone once again, I gave it a go.  I'll be honest: there was a point at which I felt that familiar "heights lurch" in my stomach and I wondered if I was about to dissolve into a panicky puddle of tears or swallow my fear and reach the top.  I was very proud of myself as I crossed the very large open gap to reach the last few handholds and reach the top! 

My little daredevil was not to be outdone by any big kids and wanted to try out all the big kid toys! 

Oh, teeter-totters! You are so fun and so fickle!  Lucy and daddy were having a great time until she slid off her side.  Despite having tight springs to keep the toy fairly level, it bounced up enough to do the double chin bump and leave her a crying mess!  Upon calming her tears she told me "ba bye" and I thought she wanted to leave the park -- I was wrong. She just wanted to leave that bad toy behind! hahaha! I love her!!

Walks and park visits are pretty much a guarantee of a good nap to follow!

First time on the slide solo:

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