Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Inside Our House at B Street

Here we go!  We're somewhat settled now, so I wanted to get some photos.  These will also be known as the "before" pictures! We've already begun making improvements, which you'll see, but nothing is really finished yet. So far we've managed to clear out most of the furniture that was left that we aren't keeping, but a few pieces are staying put until they sell and/or get replaced. I'll take outside pictures when the rain lets up again. (hooray for rain and warmer temperatures!!)  Forgive the terrible flash photography. I took these pictures at night and the house is pretty dark inside right now with all the trees (and the drapes were shut). Any who!! 

Our living room:
You enter from the side of the house into the living room.  That organ that you see is up for sale if you know anyone (or a church?) that needs one? It's in PERFECT condition, but we want a piano, so it's got to go.  Our living room looks really small in these pictures, but it's actually really spacious! There's even an Ikea tent and tunnel peaking out from behind that loveseat there! The kids both love it! 

Isn't that carpet fantastic? Wow! 

Perspective: that coffee table is five feet long. 

From the living room, through the door next to the organ is the dining room.  We're selling that hutch, will eventually replace the chandelier and the chairs. We're keeping the beautiful, sturdy table that was left behind, and the radio cabinet to the right of the hutch. 

Through the dining room is the den that we've decided to call the playroom. I also have my very own sewing corner! (Insert excited squeals of anticipation and sheer joy here).  Note the carpet change. More shag, but orange and gold instead of green. The couch, the bookshelves, and the sewing table were left behind, and we're going with it! I love that table! 

Yes, there's an antenna cable floating across the room. Isn't that pretty? And that dog? He's Malcolm's, and Lucy's named him "Eggo".

The kitchen is off the living room, and also leads into the dining room. It will get updated eventually, but we can totally live with it. I even kind of like the wallpaper and counters! 

Another dream come true: a laundry room/mudroom with a half bath and everything!! Seriously, I've danced for joy over this! It has two windows and it's just generally super cheerful! I think I actually giggled with glee the first time I did laundry here. True story. 

This is the main bath. The flash did something weird with the mirror and there's a bunch of lines that don't exist in real life. We've already added a storage cabinet and started testing out paint colors (under the light bar), and I tore down the weirdly kitchen-looking wallpaper borders in this room.

Down the hall is the master bedroom. It doesn't need too much work: mostly paint, a new window, and some pictures on the walls. 

Our second (of THREE!) bathrooms. This one is a half-bath off the master. So nice! Just needs paint and a new light fixture. And one less towel bar. These folks were obsessed with hanging towels everywhere.

Across the hall from us is Malcolm's room.  Yes, that IS pink shag you'e seeing.  Paint is in the works, and I've already removed all the pink hearts from the wall!  

 Check out that happy, happy boy right there!

Ah, Lucy's room. It needs some love. The drapes are broken (and so very Sound of Music-esque). That wallpaper is going DOWN! I already peeled back out of curiosity, which means Lucy has now taken to stripping it off each time she passes it... It looks loverly.

Gray and pink walls are in the works.  Lucy insists her "yoom" should be brown and purple. I'm hoping she'll come around to my way of thinking. Round one of pink was about 20 shades too bright, even for a toddler's room accent wall, so we're back to the drawing board. 

"Pretty" wallpaper...

Last on the tour is Isaac's office! HE HAS AN OFFICE, Y'ALL!!!!! Aaaah!  
*No muppets were harmed in the making of this carpet. We think...


  1. Congratulations! I'm sure it's going to be so great. I think that kitchen could be fun even before remodeling - I love the counters and if you were brave enough, you could paint those cabinets. :)

    1. Somehow I just found your comment. Yes, we're planning to make them shaker style with a raised edge all the way around and then paint the cabinets a nice cream color (I think). I still have to pick what color the walls will be to make the cream pop. :) Just the plan...Could be a while before we tackle the kitchen.