Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Weekend of Firsts

I need to record these before I forget -- it's so easy to forget the little things in the scope of time.  I don't have a baby book for Lucy, so I blog (and Facebook, and text to remember these moments). My plan is to do a photo book for each year with a handwritten note from mom and dad in the front or back and a pocket for little memorabilia.  Anyway, this week brought a couple of "oh no!" firsts I just have to record.

On Saturdays I work out with some fellow moms who, like me, need to get out, need to work out, and crave fellowship.  We meet together twice each week and try to keep up with a our superhuman leader, Shira, and the kiddos play together (and amongst) us.  This week we were able to use the Kentwood High School gym and weight room.  The kiddos were in the adjoining gym playing while we were in the weight room.  Lucy was in the gym with the big kids (under the watchful eye of her cousin Ava -- I'm not completely nuts!) and we came in to do some sprints.  I noticed Lucy chewing, so I opened her mouth as best I could, wiped some fuzz off her lip and moved on.  A minute later she was still doing a lot of chewing and there was an empty ziploc nearby -- hmm...

"Ava, did you give Lucy something to eat?"
"Hm...well, she's definitely eating something."

I reached my finger inside Lucy's mouth, much to her displeasure, and fished out some bright blue gum.  WHAT?!  How did she get gum and whose is this?  This is a gym, there shouldn't be any gum...  Then it hit me -- I'd had gum when I arrived and in my haste I'd stuck it to the corner of a ziploc bag and tossed it in the diaper bag to throw away later.  Apparently my daughter found the bag, pulled it out and helped herself.

Baby's first gum... about 4 years sooner than I'd have started her, but I have to say she did really well to not swallow it!

Lucy's second first came just this morning as she was playing in the hallway.  We store her toys in a small bookshelf, and now that she's crawling, she's discovered the joy of pulling toys and books off the shelf all around her.  Isaac was sitting nearby watching her when BONK!  She nodded her head right into the oh-so-sharp corner across from the bookshelf.  Poor thing was legitimately offended and cried pretty hard.  This was her first real self-inflicted injury!  She has a small gash and it's a bit raised and bruised...  All in all I'd say she's taking it well, though, as evidenced below:

Lucy went in the church nursery for the first time today.  She is officially too consistently happy-loud for the service.  She was squealing and babbling and blowing raspberries until Isaac had to step out with her -- and he came back without her.  It was a bit of a shock for me!  I'm not "anti-nursery", but I am very much so in favor of kids being in church during the service -- from the time they're little -- if possible.  Today it was not possible.  When I picked her up she didn't even look up when I called her name.  The nursery ladies loved her so well, so thank you Soma volunteers!  We were able to listen to the sermon undistracted for the first time in many months! 

Finally, we're rounding out the weekend with the Washington State Fair tomorrow.  Yep, Lucy will have her first experience Doin' the Puyallup!  That will be a post unto itself, though! :) 

Happy Sunday! 

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