Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day at Ocean Shores

(July 21, 2014)
We spent a day at Ocean Shores so Hailey could experience the west coast ocean.  Our day was full of all the things a beach trip should be: salt water taffy, kites, sand in all kinds of cracks and crevices (for days!), horses, spontaneous kid-friendships, and s'mores! 

Lucy got her first taste of the sea and sand, but first mama needed a taste of some salt water taffy!  We found a candy store with CANDY, CANDY, CANDY on the sign -- um, yes.  This place met and exceeded our hopes for a favorite beach tradition.  What a fun shop! They had all kinds of vintage candies as well as the usuals.  I got Isaac some candy cigarettes as a joke (they were nasty, by the way, but it did prove hilarious to watch his expression when I tossed him the pack of "smokes" I picked up for him at the beach).  

We arrived to find lots of kite flying, sand rolling, castle building, and sandy, happy kids! 

It was a little bittersweet that Isaac couldn't be with us for Lucy's first ocean experience.  It took her a moment, but she really enjoyed the water!!  That's my girl!  We're starting her young so it's in her blood! 

Sand: the ultimate sensory experience! 

She was even happy post-face plant!  What she didn't love so much was the water boarding like experience of having mom flush her face with water. 

Oh Gideon, I love you little guy!  He enjoyed the sand TO. THE. FULLEST.  He showed Lucy a thing or two about getting the full experience.  

You could just see the wheels turning as Gideon climbed on the skim board.  "I know this thing will "go"...I just have to stand on it right.

Tori love! 

Gwenna -- this girl managed to play in the sand all afternoon and not get more than her fingers and toes dirty.  She's something else!!  Amelia makes the perfect filling to the Bond girls sandwich. I just love how she adores her mama! 

These crazy kids played so hard all day! 

This girl was SO tired!  She finally gave in and slept with her hat pulled fully down over her eyes and her paci tucked in close. 

Sometimes you forget cups and have to improvise your tea drinking! 

Sometimes the little guy borrows the big brother's shirt and there's a moment of "Is Morgan trying to tell us something?!"  For the record: No, no she was not, he's still the baby of the family. 

Oh, Gwenna!  I had to highlight you again!  Your expressions just get me!  Her s'mores experience was priceless to behold!  She could be the poster child for s'mores if that were a thing! 

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